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Why Kettle Bros.?

Take on the Impossible

Why TAKE ON THE IMPOSSIBLE? Cause that's KettleBros. mindset and how we got started by setting out to change the way people think of popcorn. To prove that if you want to achieve something you can. Even when the world thinks it's not possible. So TAKE ON THE IMPOSSIBLE in everything you do! 
Kettle Bros seeks to find the greatness in snacking with innovative, fun, bold and unique flavors. 

What's the difference between popcorn and Kettle Bros. Kettle Corn?

Big. The difference is BIG.

See, most of the time, your regular old run-of-the-mill popcorn is popped with hot air. Hot air blows over the kernels until they explode. Pop-pop-poppoppop. 

On the other hand, Kettle Bros. cooks popcorn in the traditional American way. Large kernels are gently poured into kettle filled with hot oil and pure cane sugar, then allowed to expand into their full glory in their own time. No short cuts. No hot air.

Then, the kettle corn is graced with flavors and extra awesomeness...

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Try all of the Kettle Bros. Gourmet Kettle Corn flavors! You may find a favorite, but you'll love them all! 

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